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Employee Milestones

Employee Milestones

John Kennedy – 20 years (Started in 2000)

John Kennedy joined SST Energy in 2000 starting out as a floor hand and worked his way up to one of SST Energy’s youngest rig managers. He has been an instrumental part of developing our A/C class of Rigs. Today, John is a very integral part of SST Energy, working as a Field Superintendent since 2012, making sure field operations are executed to the upmost detail.  John enjoys spending time with his wife Bobbie and Daughter Riley, outdoors camping, fishing and gold panning whenever possible.

Thoughts on SST Energy? “I have enjoyed being a part of the SST Energy team over the years in all my rolls with the company. I am looking forward to many more great years.”


Jeff Wilmetti – 15 years (Started in 2005)

Jeff Wilmetti joined SST Energy in 2005 as a purchasing specialist with over 12 years of experience as a Purchasing Specialist and ISO (International Organization for Standards) manager.  In 2012, Jeff was promoted into the Purchasing Manager’s position while overseeing the company logistics as well as operations of the materials group. In the past 5 years, Jeff has spent time learning the functions of Contracts/Marketing as well as Operations.  In his spare time, Jeff enjoys spoiling his grandkids and golfing.

Thoughts on SST Energy? “I’ve had the benefit of seeing SST Energy grow into a complete customer service minded company with deep core values and emphasis placed on employee retention. SST Energy continues to work towards being the premier Rocky Mountain Drilling Contractor. I am proud to say I’m a part of the SST Energy Team.”


Erin Pulliam - 10 years (Started in 2010)

Erin Pulliam started with SST Energy in 2010 as the Accounting Project Manager.  Since then she has been promoted to Accounting Manager, and loves working with the entire SST Energy team.  In her spare time, Erin enjoys spending time with her husband and watching her two children play basketball, soccer, and swim.

Thoughts on SST Energy? "I am lucky to be part of such an awesome, fun team.  We have the best people and I am excited to watch this team and the company prosper."


Tim Martin – 15 years (Started in 2005)

Tim Martin joined SST Energy in 2005 bringing in his experiences as a “Water-Well” operator for a small company. In his time with SST Energy, Tim has worked his way through the ranks and in 2011 was promoted to one of SST Energy’s highly skilled mechanics. Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and sharing his fire pit cookouts with friends and family.

Thoughts on SST Energy? “I’ve had the privilege of seeing the loyalty of the core group at SST Energy and how SST Energy’s core values are shown by example and not just words on a wall or sticker. I’m excited to see the future events that prosper with our core values Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Perseverance, and Teamwork.”


Bert Eldridge – 10 years (Started in 2010)

Bert hired on with SST Energy as a safety supervisor in 2010. Earning His Certified Safety Professional certification from Red Rocks Community College.  He also has a Doctorate in Theology and a secondary master’s in ministry from CLST Georgia. He has 34 years in the oil and gas industry and 27 years as a safety professional.

He has a passion for educating people in Safety and all aspects of life. He has developed many programs with SST Energy which has assisted in keeping the incident rate low as well as earning awards from IADC for 1 million hours without a Lost time accident company wide in 2015. Education, adaptation, and imagination from some of the greatest employees in the oil and gas industry is what will continue to grow this industry and Bert is glad to be a part of this incredible team.

His off-duty activities include adventures with the grandkids and family, helping with education at local mission, in the Natrona County Detention Center, and the Wyoming medium security prison in Torrington. Hot rods, old tractors, side-by-sides, and traveling round out his activities.


Louard Crumbaugh – 10 years (Started in 2009)

Louard Crumbaugh joined SST Energy in June 2009 as a Project Engineer.  In 2016 Louard earned his Professional Engineer license and was promoted to the Senior Engineer role, where he works on upgrades, new designs, and support of the existing fleet.  In his spare time, Louard enjoys spending time with his growing family, traveling, and hunting.

Thoughts on SST Energy? “Over the past 10 years I have seen SST Energy remain committed to our core values and support our team members when times are hard.  I am proud to be part of this great team and look forward to our future success.”


Jeff Miller – 5 years (Started in 2014)

Jeff Miller joined SST Energy In 2014 as a Purchasing / Materials Specialist with over 20 years in purchasing and inventory control.  In 2018 Jeff was promoted to Assistant Purchasing & Materials Manager. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, four children, and six grandkids. Jeff also enjoys playing racquetball and golf.

Thoughts on SST Energy?  It has been a privilege to work at SST Energy.  The company has a great team attitude which cultivates an atmosphere of learning and growth leading to both the personal and company success. I have learned a great deal from the experience, and knowledge of the Management Team.  I look forward to working many more years with this great team at SST Energy. 


Bob Slaugh – 29 years (Started in 1991)

In October 2019, Bob Slaugh officially retired after 29 years of loyal service with SST Energy.

Bob joined SST Energy in 1990. Having joined the company in its very early stages of existence with a fleet of 3 rigs to now 14 rigs, Bob has shown the upmost dedication to the growth of SST Energy. Bob has over 37 years of experiences as a rig electrician, this includes off shore and land drilling operations.

Over the years, he was promoted several times and always continued to strive for flawless repeatability every day in his position.  Bob’s dedication and history clearly proved his loyalty to the team and company. In addition to always going above and beyond, Bob was an unselfish leader. He holds high values to team work and teaching through example.

In retirement, Bob will enjoy spending time with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, and also has a passion for flying remote controlled aircraft, including his drone, which has captured a wonderful photo collection of SST Energy rigs. His long standing loyalty, commitment, and contributions are appreciated. He is wished the best of luck in retirement. THANK YOU BOB, YOU’RE AMAZING!

Thoughts on SST Energy? “When a job or project is finished I always like to contribute it to team work, because not one person can do it by themselves." – Bob Slaugh


Pete Toups – 20 years (Started in 1998)

Pete Toups joined SST Energy in 1998 as the Safety Supervisor with 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry ranging from a roustabout to a Field Operations Manager. In 2012, Pete was promoted to Vice President were, for the last 6 years, he has successfully help lead SST Energy and its managers through the ups and downs of the industry. In his spare time, Pete enjoys spending time with his family, anything outdoors and good food (with a splash of good wine). 

Thoughts on SST Energy? “It has been my pleasure and honor to work with such a great company and group of people. The professionalism and commitment exhibited by this group is truly inspiring and I am grateful to be part of it.”


Michael Pollard – 10 years (Starting in 2008)

Michael Pollard joined SST Energy in 2008 as a Project Engineer. In 2012, Michael was promoted into the Operations Engineer position where he oversees the engineering department as they strive to advance our rigs efficiency through innovative design. Michael enjoys spending time with his family, working on projects in his shop and spending time on the mountain 4-wheeling.

Thoughts on SST Energy? “I enjoy working for a dynamic company that continual looks for growth and opportunity, while maintaining its principles and people. SST Energy is a company I am proud to stand-behind.”


Zara Keyser – Accounting Bachelor of Science Degree

Zara Keyser graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Business Bachelor of Science degree in 2013 and joined the SST Energy team in May 2016.  Since then she has been promoted to AP/AR Supervisor and earned a second Bachelor of Science degree, this time in Accounting.  In her spare time she enjoys the many outdoor activities Casper has to offer with her husband including camping, skiing (water and snow), hiking and running with her 2 dogs.

Thoughts on SST Energy?  “I am lucky to be part of such an amazing team of hardworking people.  SST Energy continues to assist in my personal growth and professional development which I am very grateful for."


Louard Crumbaugh – Professional Licensure in Engineering

Louard Crumbaugh joined SST Energy on June 2009 as a Project Engineer.  Over the years Louard has become an integral part of the SST Energy team.  On May 31st, 2016 Louard earned his license as a Professional Engineer with the support of SST Energy, and effective July 1, 2016 Louard will be promoted to Senior Engineer.  When he is not working on new designs, upgrades, or support of the fleet, Louard enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, hunting, and fishing.

Thoughts on SST Energy?  “I am grateful for the opportunities SST Energy has provided me for personal and professional development.  I am proud of SST Energy’s many successes, and I look forward to many more years.”