The People

At SST Energy, we truly believe in our people and our partnership approach with our customers. The scope of our combined efforts, along with our customers, covers all inspections and investigations specifically related to the workplace hazard of the COVID-19 pandemic. These protocols have been designed in cooperation with our colleagues from Devon Energy, Samson Resources II, CH4 Energy, and Dominion Energy. SST Energy’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols have also been complimented by the Wyoming Department of Health. In early April 2020 SST Energy was recognized and congratulated by Devon Energy, and the Wyoming Department of Health regarding our policies and response to an investigation into the safety of our crews out in the field. We will continue to work within the guidelines of the CDC, Wyoming Department of Health, and our customers to create a work environment that ensures our working men and women return home to their families healthy and safe.


A Message From the President: 4-20-20
Paul Miao: Counting Our Blessings: Just as all seemed lost in our world, with a virus pandemic followed by a collapse of oil prices and rig counts, we received exceptionally good news this week. Our team has been successful at securing short term funding from the Federal Stimulus program designed to encourage companies to keep employees working for eight weeks, as we wait for the dust to settle on world events. As we face the challenges brought about by an oil supply surplus, we now have the resources needed to keep all our valuable rig and office personnel employed during this temporarily difficult period. Although we still face some rough times in the weeks ahead, we can protect our employees and their families by keeping them employed as we seek clarity for what the future holds. All employees are encouraged to do their part as humanity comes together to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the damage it has caused. There is no doubt this great team of people can accomplish anything they put their minds to.